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Ship Agency

GAC Norway is the leading provider of integrated ships agency and logistics services in the North Sea and Barents Sea.

Custom clearance

GAC Norway offers expert customs services and handles all your customs clearance needs wherever and whenever.

Ship Lay-up

GAC Norway has extensive experience with different lay-up services and locations, preserving and maintaining your vessel during lay-up, reducing reactivation time and cost.

Ship logistics

GAC Norway’s comprehensive freight services meet the diverse needs of shippers.

Enviromental services

GAC Norway provides faster, cheaper and cleaner waste handling, environmental operations and NOx emissions reporting services.

Navy Agency

Dedicated to Providing Top-Tier Agency Services to Navy Ships Worldwide.

Dry Bulk

Efficient, Reliable, and Safe Transportation for All Dry Bulk Commodities.

P&I Services

Securing Your Vessels and Crew with Our Expert P&I Solutions.


Experience the best of Norway with our tailored cruise services, designed to elevate every aspect of your voyage. GAC Norway provides Comprehensive Solutions for Cruise Ships Visiting Norway.

Government and Defense

Welcome to GAC Norway, your trusted partner in providing comprehensive logistics solutions tailored specifically for government and defense entities.


With our specialized expertise and dedication to excellence, we ensure efficient and sustainable transportation of aquaculture products, supporting the growth and success of your operations.


We understand the critical role that logistics plays in the yard industry's operations. Our yard logistics service is designed to streamline transportation processes and optimize supply chain efficiency


With our specialized expertise and commitment to excellence, we support the energy industry's unique transportation needs, ensuring efficiency, safety, and reliability.


We provide efficient and reliable transportation services to meet the unique needs of tank businesses.

The services we can provide you with in Norway

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