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Welcome to GAC Norway, your premier provider of tailored logistics solutions for the aquaculture industry. With our specialized expertise and dedication to excellence, we ensure efficient and sustainable transportation of aquaculture products, supporting the growth and success of your operations.

Aquaculture Logistics Solutions by GAC Norway

At GAC Norway, we recognize the importance of the aquaculture industry in meeting global demand for seafood sustainably. Our aquaculture logistics service is designed to streamline the transportation of aquaculture products, offering comprehensive solutions to meet your specific needs.

Cold Chain Management

We specialize in managing the cold chain to maintain the integrity and freshness of aquaculture products throughout the transportation process, ensuring quality and safety.


Customized Solutions

Our team works closely with aquaculture producers to develop customized logistics solutions tailored to their unique requirements, optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs.


Global Network

With a global network of offices and partners, we provide seamless transportation solutions for aquaculture products, facilitating smooth international trade and distribution.


Compliance and Quality Assurance

We adhere to strict regulatory standards and quality assurance protocols to ensure compliance with industry regulations and customer expectations.


Environmental Responsibility

GAC Norway is committed to environmental sustainability, and we prioritize eco-friendly practices in our logistics operations to minimize our carbon footprint.

About Us:

GAC Norway is a trusted name in the shipping, logistics, and marine services industry, known for our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a team of experienced professionals and a track record of success, we are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of our clients in the aquaculture sector.

Contact us

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For inquiries about our Aquaculture logistics solutions or to discuss your specific requirements, please fill out the form, and one of our representatives will contact you promptly.

The GAC Norway advantage

 Specialised staff with ‘can do’ attitude, 24/7

 Global presence with offices in 50 countries

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