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Environmental services

GAC Norway provides faster, cheaper and cleaner waste handling, environmental operations and NOx emissions reporting services.

We deliver your strategy.

Unrivalled expertise

GAC Norway’s tried and tested consultancy services help you obtain licences to ensure fast and efficient completion of clearance and other formalities. We offer environmental services to aid you in navigating the complex waste management and environmental rules and regulations that apply to the shipping industry.

What you get

  • Compliance with rules and regulations to avoid risk of penalties

  • Licensed NOx Fund representative and reporting to authorities

  • Assistance in obtaining financial support for green technology

  • Reduced costs related to waste management

  • Market specific intelligence

  • Nationwide contacts ensuring optimal procedures and lowest cost

Effective waste management

We specialise in effective solutions for the treatment of industrial waste, liquid fractions and tank cleaning ships. By providing ship-specific solutions for waste handling and disposal, we can reduce the time and money you spend on disposal operations. We provide approved, appropriate packaging and containers and the relevant fragment-specific labels, ensuring time and cost-savings at the recycling and disposal terminal.


  • Consultancy

  • NOx reporting

  • Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) waste handling and tracking

  • DGR integrity packaging supply

  • DGR labeling materials

  • Waste handling and sorting

  • Waste packaging supply

  • Grey and black water disposal

  • Labeling supply

  • Shore power management

  • Handling/disposal of ballast water (BW) sediments

  • Scrubber sludge/waste handling

  • Food waste

  • Pollution response

NOX savings

We help you navigate the challenging waters of NOx tax requirements by providing expert assistance that leads to substantial savings. GAC Norway also provides expertise to help members of the Norwegian NOx Fund to claim funding available for their emissions-reducing initiatives.

The GAC Norway advantage

 Specialised staff with ‘can do’ attitude, 24/7

 Global presence with offices in 50 countries

 Best-in-class supplier management

 Compliance with Oil & Gas industry requirements

Contact us

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Safeguard your assets and the environment

Want to know more about how you can lower costs and safely navigate environmental rules and regulations? Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to tell you all about it.

"I like to thank the GAC Norway team for the great assistance and cooperation. ABB has really appreciated the constant availability and professionalism that GAC Norway has provided."

Nicola scricciolo

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