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"I like to thank the GAC Norway team for the great assistance and cooperation. ABB has really appreciated the constant availability and professionalism that GAC Norway has provided."

Nicola scricciolo


Lay-up services

Laying-up ships makes good business sense during tough times. Not only does it allow ship owners and operators to avoid non-profitable journeys and over supply, it also reduces wear and tear, crew costs, fuel consumption and insurance premiums during the idle period.


GAC Norway provides a range of services and products related to ship lay-up including:

  • Identification of lay-up locations

  • Ship agency

  • Logistics support

  • Technical management

  • Crewing

  • Dehumidification

  • Surveillance

  • Reactivation preparation

GAC Ship Lay-Up Solutions

GAC Ship Lay-Up Solutions provide value-added products to the shipping and marine industries worldwide. It combines GAC’s knowledge and long standing relationships with its shipping, logistics and marine customers with the products from world-leading suppliers.


Other services range from class-approved fire, rescue & safety systems / services, onboard and office based weather routing solutions, protective solutions (anti-piracy), workwear and the list is growing.

Worldwide presence

Thanks to the GAC Group’s global network of offices and agencies, GAC Ship Lay-Up Solutions has the local experience, expertise and resources to offer informed advice on the best lay-up locations, as well as a wide range of secure, safe and cost-effective solutions for vessels laying-up wherever you go.

Lay-up options

The extent to which a vessel will be laid-up depends on several factors, including anticipated lay-up period duration; the need to reduce running costs; time required for reactivation; and the age and value of the ship.

GAC Norway offers four modes of ship lay-up.

Hot-lay up: Up to 3 months with 24 hour reactivation

During hot lay-up, the vessel is held within Classification and Flag State requirements, although crew numbers may be reduced to certified minimum safety crewing limits. Machinery is kept operational and the vessel is located in an area close to potential cargo trade routes.


Warm lay-up: From 4-12 months with 1 week reactivation

Vessel crewing is reduced to below the trading limit and in agreement with the Flag State, Classification Society, insurers and local authorities.


Cold lay-up: From 1-5 years with 3 week reactivation

The vessel crewing is in line with emergency requirements to deal with fire, flooding, mooring and security watch. Cold ship lay-up locations are generally remote and access to the vessel may be limited. Upon reactivation, the vessel may need to go direct to dry dock before trading, depending on the extent of any hull marine growth.


Long-term lay-up: From 5+ years with 3 month reactivation

In this extended condition, preparations are comprehensive as original manufacturers are consulted for critical equipment. Any remedial work done on reactivation is likely to be extensive and unpredictable, such as renewal of alarm systems that may have become obsolete. For long-term lay-ups, several vessels are laid up side-by-side to minimise supervision costs.

 A trusted partner

In 2007, GAC Group acquired Ole R. Olsen AS, Norway’s oldest ship agency, established 1835, to form GAC Norway. We have a strategic network of offices along the Norwegian coast from Kirkenes to Fredrikstad and per 2020 we are 90 full-time employees.

An extensive network of bonded warehouses enables us to meet your needs for ship spares logistics and bonded storage where and when you need it. More than 3,500 ships and 20,000 shipments are handled by GAC Norway every year.


We cover all Norwegian O&G terminals and all major offshore ports, we also have a presence in all cruise destination ports.

The leading ship agent in the North Sea

GAC Norway’s clients include major oil and shipping companies, engineering, procurement & construction companies (EPCs), importers and exporters, salvage and yards among others


To meet our customer’s needs, each of our branch offices are available and working 24/7, and all necessary security measures are in place to optimise access control and minimise delivery time and costs.


All aspects of GAC Norway’s activities comply with the most stringent quality and Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) standards.


We also comply with ISO9001:2015 (quality assured) and ISO45001:2018 (health & safety assured).

Delivering your strategy, ship logistics

Ship lay-up

During uncertain times, taking a ship out of service may be the most profitable option until demand rises. GAC Norway has extensive experience with different lay-up services and locations, preserving and maintaining your vessel during lay-up, reducing reactivation time and cost.

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Cost efficient lay-up management

We help preserve your assets in volatile times. Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to help you find the best solution.

The GAC Norway advantage

 Specialised staff with ‘can do’ attitude, 24/7

 Global presence with offices in 50 countries

 Best-in-class supplier management

 Compliance with Oil & Gas industry requirements

Through its global ships agency network, GAC has a range of locations around the world suitable for laying up ships. Thanks to decades of extended relations, GAC’s local offices maintain excellent rapport with port authorities to ensure that your vessels, superintendents, officers and crew get the best possible support at all times for your cleared in, laid-up and cleared out ships.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth lay-up process and cost-effective operations, protecting and maintaining your ship with the utmost care to ensure a reduced re-commissioning time and cost.

Efficient and cost-effective

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