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Get to know Kristoffer Haug: Our operational manager for cruise and offshore department in Stavanger

Say hello to Kristoffer Haug, a dynamic 29 year-old from Stavanger, with a connection to Sauda where a lot of his family lives. An avid sports enthusiast, Kristoffer dives into activities like going to the gym, climbing, and golfing, alongside his social engagements. Since starting as a summer intern in GAC's cruise department, he has risen to become the operational manager for cruise and offshore department in Stavanger.

How long have you been with GAC, and what drew you to this company?I have been with GAC since April 2018. I began as a summer intern in the cruise department and played a role in its growth. I have continued working at GAC because I am generally interested in work and because of the many opportunities GAC has given me. I decided to stay mainly because I could create my own path here and the management is supportive and focused on growth, which matches what I want for my career and myself.

What do you particularly like about your job?

I enjoy my role, developing and improving what I can in whatever topic is on the menu.

How do you see the shipping industry evolving in the next 5-10 years, and what role do you think technology will play in that evolution?Technology will have a huge effect on this part of the industry, and it will probably be a race where there are certain winners and a lot of losers.

In your opinion, what impact will environmental sustainability have on the shipping industry, and how is your organization adapting to these changes?

I believe in incremental changes. It is challenging to predict their impact, as it often depends on government incentives and deadlines. It is intriguing yet uncertain to see how these factors will shape our decisions. New regulations can significantly shift the market, either negatively or positively. There is also the big question of whether technology can adapt to these new regulations in time. Currently, regulations are outpacing technology, but I believe they are intended to primarily serve as a catalyst for innovation in specific areas, whether this will be productive or not is yet to be seen.

Looking towards the future, what skills do you believe will be most important for professionals in the shipping industry?

People skills, commercial attitude, technology related skills, and a lean structure with capital backing.


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