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With effect from Feb 12th 2022 all C-19 restrictions are lifted in Norway and the regulations for vessels, crew, visitors, border crossings and shore leave are as before the C-19 outbreak.



Crew can embark or disembark a vessel in a Norwegian port (SID/SBK is always required if they are from 3rd part countries)

Any person can enter Norway acc. to the Norwegian Immigration act.


  • C19 test taken before entering Norway is not in force

  • Entry registry is not in force

  • Quarantine is not in force

  • Shore leave is generally granted, buy local restrictions might be in force by terminal and police ( immigration )


Public test stations at the border have been demobilized.


All testing will be at the request of the persons and/or the employer (owner/master) and will have to be arranged in private, usually by an agent (Ref “Company policy” for C19 and its employees/crew)
Private medical companies are still conducting C19 tests and we as agents have agreements with many of these companies.


C19-test: Refers to both PCR, RT-PCR and antigen rapid-test (ART) unless specified
Expected time for test result to available: PCR: 24-48 hrs, RT-PCR: Max 3 hrs, ART: Max 30 minutes

We as agents can not under any circumstances take upon us the practical or legal responsibility if a master and/or owner plan and conduct a crew change that is not in accordance with the laws and regulations for the end destination, transit destination and/or airline policy for C19.


Schengen visa:

For crew of nationality that have signed the ILO 108 or 185 treaty, they can travel without Schengen visa via a non-Schengen country to and from Norway ( on/off )

For onsigners, we can not assist crew our side with a travel via Schengen without visa. For non ILO 108/185-nationality-crew, a Schengen visa can be applied for, but we can not guarantee that the application will be granted by Immigration as this is case by case-related. In general, Immigration is reluctant to issue visa for planned crew changes. Emergency visa will normally be issued.



The agent will issued OKTB/LOI for all 3rd part nationalities.

Norway news: Covid-19 restrictions lifted.

Information regarding covid-19

We will be updating this web page regularly with information we feel may be important to you, but we take no legal responsibility for the information provided.

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