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Say hello to Martine N. Jordal: Our New Colleague at GAC Bømlo

Say hello to Martine N. Jordal, a 28-year-old girl from the idyllic island of Bømlo, who has taken an unconventional path into the shipping industry.

With a background as a kindergarten teacher from Bergen and experience from both the kindergarten and healthcare sectors, Martine brings a unique mix of skills to the table.

How would you describe yourself? 

I am a talkative, social person that likes to plan and organize.

Why did you want to work at GAC?

I was not quite sure where I wanted to work; I just knew I wanted to be involved in planning and organizing. One day, after discussing my career desires with a friend, she sent me a link to this job and encouraged me to apply. Despite my lack of experience in shipping, I decided to take the leap. Fortunately, it led me to this exciting opportunity.

Describe a typical day at work.

I started working at GAC on March 1st, so everything is still new to me. A typical day right now might involve arranging crew changes on vessels, organizing transport and hotel accommodations, and reporting to the police, among other tasks. There are many regulations for those coming to Norway to work, including some who may need to apply for a working visa. Managing invoices is also a significant part of my job, ensuring that everything is correct and attributing the invoices to the correct companies.

What do you particularly like about the job?

I enjoy talking to many different people every day and being in contact with various customers and suppliers. I also appreciate the unpredictability of each day; some days are very busy, while others are more relaxed. In the three weeks I have been at GAC, I have visited two vessels, which I found very interesting. It's nice to see who we are working for and to put faces to the names in all the emails.

Do you have any good advice for young people who want to work in shipping?

My advice is to apply for jobs that align with your interests, even if you lack formal education in the field. My journey into this industry demonstrates that sometimes having the right qualities and passion is what a company is looking for.

Heine Hovda, Commercial Manager Offshore & Renewables at GAC Bømlo is excited to welcome Martine to the team. “This addition is not just about increasing our numbers; it's a significant step towards enhancing our capabilities, broadening our expertise, and ensuring we continue to meet and exceed our clients' expectations with efficiency and innovation”, he says. Hovda is excited to share that their strategic focus and relentless drive have led to unprecedented growth.

“Our journey from a modest start to setting new benchmarks in our industry is a testament to innovation and customer excellence. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead”.


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