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Meet Dag Johan: The new face of GAC Ålesund

Oppdatert: 2. jul.

With 15 years of experience as a freight forwarder at Kuehne-Nagel and a strong background in logistics, ship agent Dag Johan Indreeide is ready to bring his expertise and passion for the shipping industry to our team. Join us as we delve into his journey, his daily life at GAC, and his vision for the future.

What drew you to join our team here in Ålesund, and can you tell us about your background and what led you to a career in shipping?

My colleague in Ålesund, Glenn Carolusson, contacted me at the end of last year and told me that GAC was planning for a new position at the Ålesund office, and after 15 years as an freight forwarder in Kuehne-Nagel I was ready for a new challenge and decided to apply for the position. I have been working with Glenn almost my whole career in both Bring Express and Kuehne-Nagel, and was more than happy to join the Ålesund team when I was offered the position. So far I really enjoy my new life in GAC, so it feels that I have come to the right place.

Could you share what a day in your life looks like at our Ålesund office? What kind of tasks do you find most engaging?

I have only been here two months, but my daily life up to now has been coordinating crew change, informed immigration, doing purchases for the vessels, registration in Operating System etc. So far I find all tasks engaging since I'm learning new things every day. But I'm looking forward to learning more about the immigration / work visa rules.

What has been the most challenging part of transitioning into your new role, and how have you managed it?

Since I started in the beginning of May during a hectic time, there was a lot that had to be done in a short time. But there has been great support from both the GAC Ålesund and Hammerfest office, so I have learned a lot the last few weeks. The most challenging so far is maybe where to locate what sub-contractor that provides the necessary service/items that the vessel requires, specially for purchases.  

In your role, how do you approach working with our clients to ensure they receive top-notch service?

I think it is very important to build a good relationship with the clients and try to get to know them. It is always a good thing to be one step ahead to give the clients quick response time, keep them informed about possible changes etc. But it's also very important to build good relationships with our subcontractors, so we can ensure that we give the best possible service that our clients require.

What unique skills or experiences do you bring to your position that enhance your ability to handle the demands of the shipping sector?

I have been working as a freight forwarder in the trucking department the last 15 years, so luckily I have learned to handle the hectic daily life in logistics. There was always a lot of planning required and export/import documents had to be made in a short time limit. But as we all know, not everything goes as planned in the life of logistics, so it was important to learn to rearrange plans and find other ways to solve problems to keep the clients happy.  

What motivates you to excel in your new role, and how do you stay motivated?

So far it is very easy to stay motivated because there are so many new things to learn. But I think the best part with logistics and these kinds of jobs is that all working days are different. There is always something new to learn. and there are many ways to solve problems / challenges. All clients often also have their own special preference / requirements, so I think it is fun to adapt to each client and try to give them the best possible service.

So I dont think it will be any problem to stay motivated in this role. 

What impact do you hope to have in your new role, and what are you most excited to achieve here in Ålesund?

I'm hoping to contribute to help the Ålesund office to grow and to be part of a well-functioning team. I'm most excited to get to know new people, trying to learn new things and improve myself.

What opportunities for career development are you most excited about in your new role?

It is always a good idea to build a network, so I'm looking forward to getting to know our clients, subcontractors and my new colleagues in GAC. Right now I'm just working on learning as much as possible from my colleagues so I can do the best possible job in my new role.

Looking towards the future, what skills do you believe will be most important for professionals in the shipping industry?

I think customer relations and good service will still be the most important thing in the future. The clients need to be taken good care of, so to build relationships with them and provide them with the best possible service and solution will always be the most important thing.

Mikael Rødseth, general manager at GAC Norway, emphasizes the strategic importance of the Ålesund office:

"Being from the Ålesund area myself, it has been personally important to establish an office in one of Norway’s key maritime regions."

He notes the progress made in recent years:

"In the past two years, we have experienced significant growth and expect to expand further in the coming years," Mikael adds.

This growth is attributed to the team's dedication and expertise:

"Our success is driven by our team's ability to deliver high-quality service to our customers. Our local manager, Glenn Carolussen, has done an excellent job and has a strong track record of customer satisfaction," he explains.

With Dag Johan joining the team, Mikael is optimistic about the future:

"With Dag now onboard, we are ready to continue growing and helping our customers achieve their strategic goals," he says.

The Ålesund office also plays a crucial role in nurturing young talent:

"Ålesund is also crucial for GAC in terms of recruiting young talent. We have employed many young professionals from NTNU in Ålesund, who have excelled in maritime studies," Mikael  notes.

Mikael concludes with a look towards the future:

"We look forward to continuing this tradition and supporting the next generation of maritime professionals."


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