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Get to know Jermyn Chua: Our Agency Supervisor

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Since starting as a Ship Agent in 2013, Jermyn has navigated the complexities of the oil and gas and offshore sectors, growing his professional network and expertise. In this interview, he reveals the highlights of his journey, the intricacies of his daily role, and the strategies he employs to deliver exceptional customer service. Jermyn provides an insider’s look into the challenges and rewards of working in the dynamic shipping industry.

Can you tell us about your journey with GAC and share some highlights from your professional background that led you to this role?

I began my career with GAC in 2013 as a Ship Agent, where I gained valuable exposure to the oil and gas sector, as well as the offshore market. This role significantly expanded my professional network across various industry segments.

What are your main responsibilities in your daily work, and how do you collaborate with your colleagues to accomplish these tasks?

When a ship arrives at port and requires assistance to ensure efficient operations, our agents serve as the primary point of contact. My main responsibility is to manage all the ship's or project's requirements from the initial notification of their arrival plans through the completion of their operations and departure. I am committed to providing excellent customer service and maintaining direct communication with the captain or project head, giving our customer one person to deal with and who handles the entire port call from start to finish. Additionally, I closely coordinate with our logistics, customs, and warehouse teams to ensure the seamless movement of shipments and spares.

What tasks do you find most engaging and fulfilling in your role as an Agency Supervisor? I find handling a mobilization project to be most engaging as one would see how various activities and services come together.  I find fulfillment in seeing a project planned out and executed effectively and at the same time seeing how my work directly contributes to the success of the operation and the company.  

Can you describe one of the biggest challenges you face in your role and how you overcome it?

Being an agent in the oil and gas segment as requires one to dedicate time especially in the peak offshore season.  Time management is a challenge as, on the one hand we want to give our 110% to our customers, and on the other hand one has to ensure that someone is also involved with the kids at home. 

How do you ensure that GAC’s clients receive top-notch service? Can you share a specific strategy or approach you use?

I believe that everyone wants to experience great customer service, and one way to achieve this is to show your face, have direct and personal contact with the customers and have an open and flexible mind to grasp information, adapt to changes and be always ready to go on to the next line in your to-do list. A can-do attitude goes a long way.

Can you share a memorable client interaction that highlights our commitment to customer service?

It was one of my first big mobilization projects when I was new in GAC.  The vessel was in port for two weeks and I was eager to learn so I was on site and around providing support to the mobilization team almost 20 hours each day.  At the end of the project, the vessel personnel said that I should have had my own cabin onboard instead.  It gives me fulfillment to know that the customer recognizes and appreciates the hard work one puts in.  

What aspects of our company culture do you appreciate the most, and how do GAC contribute to your job satisfaction?

GAC is an open and flexible organization where ideas are freely solicited and shared across all levels, and I feel that one does not have to jump through hoops in order to communicate with senior management. We function as a cohesive team, continually striving to improve and support one another, always moving forward together.

Shipping is a dynamic industry. How do you stay adaptable and keep up with industry changes and technological advancements?

We need to be quick on our toes – I remember my first mentor out of university told me.  An open and flexible mindset helps one stay adaptable, and one should always strive to move things efficiently.  Always ask the question: “What’s next?”

For those considering a career in the shipping industry, what do you think are the most exciting and engaging aspects they can look forward to?

The shipping industry presents diverse career opportunities, blending dynamism with tradition. It is essential for maintaining the flow of goods and sustaining global operations. Consider the intricate logistics that bring a piece of paper to your desk, your mobile phone into your hand, or ensuring your car has enough fuel or electricity to run. This industry's complexity and indispensability make it a fascinating field to build a career in.


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